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Creativity, Knowledge, Determination ...

Our client (the lubricates division of this large Corp.) was ready to go to a conference. But the graphics that were to be supplied by headquarters were not ready. It took a lot of creativity and determination to design and produce this from stock images in only a few days. But, they appreciated it and we were glad to help.

We often help with the launching of new products.
Trade Shows are often the opportune time to premiere your newest offerings. Two interesting examples are above and below: where we used our Knowledge of the actual products being launched, with creative slogans to make memorable eye-catching promotional graphics used as Trade Show center pieces. Formable Fome-Cor® was used to make the "men" above. Small square tiles of various colors of the then new colored face Fome-Cor® were layered together to form the pixel face graphics below.

A national chain needed one consistent image to use for their recruiting efforts at all their regional centers across the USA. It had to be lightweight, durable, easy to use and in two versions, one for pharmacy, one for management. Our creative, economical solution was a design with the right third as a replaceable section, that was much easier to store and use than having two such large graphics. Our determination came in handy when we learned the source materials to create it would be obsolete format videos, low resolution web graphics and scans of offset prints.
Management Recruitment

Pharmacy Recruitment

This national manufacturer of graphic arts boards needed an exhibit to showcase their various products. Our creative team came up with a look that divided the booth into 3 distinct sections. One of their products is used for mounting framed graphics, so we decided to create a giant picture frame as the centerpiece. We purchased a small section of actual frame and scanned it. Once we had the digital file we adjusted the color, duplicated and extended it to the right size and digitally mitered the corners. We made digital prints, mounted them onto lightweight fomeboard (the clients product) and wrapped the print around the edges for a finished look. The 8' x8' picture frame was so realistic that people were walking up to touch it, thinking it was real. Similar techniques were used for the other two sections.

This 9' x 22' completely computer generated graphic image was "impossible" to make.

That statement may seem a little silly today, but that was considered to be an intelligent statement back in 1994 when we created this. That was before anyone had even heard the term "Giga" (except maybe at Lucas Films) and programs didn't have: gradient tools, rendering, 32 bit color, etc. and not only had no one even dreamed of a dual processor but the computers we had achieved the "amazing" speed of 66MHZ. There was only one way to get this done, determination !